Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's all about perspective...

Now, lest any of you start entertaining some grand idea that I'm some Supermom that has it all together cause I have five kids and I blog and make graduation slideshows and do cooking days and even have my little ones help in the kitchen, I thought I'd put an end to your wild imaginations right now:) Anyone who knows me well or has dropped in unexpectedly can attest to the following confession...I'm not always good at keeping up with the housework. (GASP!) Hard to believe? Not really. I get a little distracted with other things. Five of them, to be exact:)

I thought it might reveal a lot if I snapped a photo of what my kitchen counter often looks like. Truth be told, this is not the worst it has been. I wasn't exaggerating when I compared it to a picture out of an I Spy book in a previous post. It's a dumping ground for anything and everything...

What you might find on our kitchen counter:

-misc. small choking hazards that were fished out of the baby's mouth
- 1/2 a cup of coffee that has been waiting for me since 8:30am
- change from my husband's pocket
- a Bible
- a library card
- a plastic container of chocolate chip cookies
- my open planner
- magazines/books that I keep hoping to read while the littles are napping
- hair rubber bands
- our "correction jar" (I'll explain that some other time:)
- a few socks that are missing a match
- CD's on Christian parenting, and misc. music
- a bib
- sippy cups
- a ball cap
- a wadded up bunch of "Silly bands"
- a canning lid
- a Chipotle gift card (YUM, jackpot!)
- a rock?!
- a golf ball
- a small container of buttons
- school papers and mail

There you have it, ladies...I'm an open book. This is the real me. I'm not afraid to be honest.

The word I most often use to describe our house is DISARRAY. It's not absolutely filthy (as in dirt), althought it's not uncommon to be able to write your name in dust in multiple places in our home. We try to keep the house relatively clean. Our problem is just that things pile up and nothing is "in it's place." DISARRAY. Anyway, I hope that helps y'all feel better and puts any Supermom thoughts to rest:) Just out of curiosity, I'd love for you to leave a comment and tell me the craziest thing I might find on your kitchen counter.

On a different note, I'm praising God today for the hand of protection that was on my children this weekend...the guardian angels were working overtime:) We had two major injuries, and amazingly, neither of which required stitches! Saturday Mattie was sitting in a camping chair on our porch and a certain someone, who will be left unnamed, pushed her. She fell backwards and bashed her head on a very large rock/piece of cement that was on our porch (which didn't belong there, go figure). I don't usually flip out in emergency situations but there was a small puddle of blood under her head and man, was that thing bleeding! After getting her cleaned up, it ended up being a rather small cut. Obviously, I didn't have time to shoot a photo. It's healing nicely.

The very next day, Silas took a pretty good tumble down several of our stairs. No broken bones, but bless his heart, here is a day by day progression in photos of his eye injury...

Is he not like the sweetest thing ever, even with a black eye? Other than his eye, he seems fine. Still as goofy and silly as ever:)

Sometimes it's all about perspective...
and it's weekends like these that remind me that there are five little blessings that need my time, cuddles, love, help, encouragement, tickles, baths, band-aids, and attention, and often times, those things can't wait. Cleaning up a messy kitchen counter...well, that's something that can:)


  1. Let's put our mugs together and we can make a whole cup of coffee! On those mornings that I desperately need a cup of "go-go juice" I always find myself at the end of the day washing a 1/2 full (I'm optimistic) cup that has been to the microwave for reheating twice. I'm thinking of locking myself in the closet for 5 minutes every morning just to have a sip of the go-go!

    Your countertop list reminded me of that baby shower game where you list everything you see on a tray. And is the rock a sparkly one that Mattie made? Ha!

    I love you kiddos! Can't wait to see you...hopefully all in one piece! Quit giving your mama a heart attack!

  2. Catching up on old posts here...I wonder if those big rocks were on your porch because they were supposed to be in the children's world record book (the children have good intentions on that but have yet to make one entry in the book:)Glad the children made it through those incidents!...probably the strangest things on my counter right now are a select few princess posters that BA got as a gift to color...but there's a lot of cleavage showing on a few of them so I set them aside...not necessary for a wee girl of three (or her almost-5-year-old brother or her father for that matter!)