Thursday, September 15, 2011

Time after Time: Taming the Toddler? Part 2

Now, don't think that I do posts like the previous just to toot my own horn...those are things I'll need to reread time after time to remind myself that there are lots of worthwhile things to do here at the Shoe house, most of which do not require cleaning supplies (or do they?) Who am I kidding? Our mess and chaos is caused, in part, by a lovable and very lively toddler. My life should probably consist of following him around with a vacuum or paper towels or something. Anyway...

He's grown a lot since my last Taming the Toddler post. Hopefully this year our Christmas tree will stay FULLY decorated:)

Little man has learned to talk and enjoys chatting and singing and "reading" to us.

He likes to play dress up...

Oh, and don't think for a minute that he's wearing just the blue shirt for super hero costume effect. He often takes his pants off, just because he can.

His big sis helped him with this "outfit".

I don't know that I've ever seen an Amish boy running around in orange athletic shorts:)
And did I mention, sometimes, just for a change he likes to take his shirt off, just because he can.

He enjoys playing games, especially ones that involve dressing up...
This morning he made up a game that he aptly named "Jump On The Momma"!

He likes to "help" get toilet paper for his big brother when trying the potty...

He gets his own snacks...

And PLENTY of them, at that. He has not learned portion control at this point:)

Most of all, he enjoys any dangerous, trouble-causing activity.

No explanation needed.

After creating chaos all day, he needs a little rest...

what a little angel (te he:)

But who couldn't love dimples like this?

We can't imagine life around the Shoe household without him. He certainly keeps it interesting:)

So yes, in the last post, I mentioned some very worthwhile things that we do here at the Shoe household, not to brag, just as a little reassurance to myself...because, well, I think you now understand what I'm dealing with here:)

And let's be brutally honest. Sometimes the house is a mess because of absolute time when, instead of cleaning, I blog about how the house is a mess:)

PS for those of you trying to figure out the Time after Time song reference's a lovely from the 80's

Drumroll, please...Cyndi Lauper

Blessings to you until you return!

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