Saturday, November 5, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 5

Our act of kindness #5 was super fun!!!

We went to our local Mom and Pop grocery store and (after getting the okay from the office) did a mini scavenger hunt of sorts to find items that matched up with some coupons we had clipped.

Once we found each item, we taped the coupon to the product for someone to find and use:) We were blessed to see a coupon or two being "found"!

The kiddos had a blast taping the coupons to the items and I think we may end up doing this one again before our 30 days is over. It was also great because the only thing it cost us was our time but could still be a blessing to someone else (we left some really good coupons--one was $3.00 off:)

And we also happened to find a vending machine outside of the grocery that only charged 50 cents for a can of soda. So we left 50 cents and a drive thru note that I downloaded from I Can Teach My We hope the next customer was blessed by a free drink on us:)


  1. That's such a neat idea with the soda machine! Thanks for stopping by The Purposeful Mom and leaving a sweet comment! It's so fun to see what others are doing for this challenge.

  2. Awesome coupon idea!!! My kiddos would love it!! You have inspired us in so many ways!!