Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My overseas pen pal...

Some days this blog is a little like that overseas pen pal, that you were assigned to write to in elementary school, that never wrote back. I don't expect comments on my posts, but I sure get a kick out of them when someone takes a moment to leave one:)
Apparently, my need for adult interaction with others has been reduced to looking forward to comments on a blog...I know, I need to get out more:)

Anyway, I said to my husband the other day that I get tired of "being a broken record" and it occured to me that my children probably won't understand that phrase, due to the fact that I don't believe they have ever even seen a record. When I say record, they think Olympics or might think I was refering to the Guiness Book of World Records...I'm sure they would believe it if I told them that I hold the world record for World's Wackiest Mom:)

I guess maybe I could relate to them by saying I'm tired of being a scratched CD or DVD, which they would totally understand because I don't know if we own a CD/DVD that is not currently scratched. That's what happens when you have five very independent children that love listening to music and watching "kid's shows". But actually, I'm quite certain that the downloading of pretty much all media will wipe out any form of that phrase whatsoever.

Which leads me to my fun, yet needy, attempt to get a few comments...
Can you think of any phrases that young children today wouldn't understand? If you're feeling spunky and up to the challenge of some brain work today, leave me a comment and let me know what you come up with!
Really, you can do it...
I'll be waiting to hear from you (wink).


  1. I made a comment to Riley (age 9) the other day about getting a bunch of stuff done and said, "I killed 2 birds with 1 stone" about something I did and she yelled, "Mom! That's awful!" I had to then explain what it really meant! :)

  2. Okay, I can't think of any phrases, but the one thing that I love that I wish my kids would have had the chance to experience would be rotary phones! Sometimes I feel like it took longer to dial than the conversation itself!! Oh the simplicity that our kids will miss out on in this technology driven, fast-paced world. Thank goodness we have Amish roots. :)

  3. The only thing my frazzled brain can think of is "rolling down the windows." Our children know what it means because we say it so often, but have they ever seen a car in which you actually roll down the windows instead of push a button to do it? ...it has been forever since I checked in on your blog...glad I had a few minutes to do it while our children are out trying to pull down the tree in the front yard ;)

  4. Chad and I were laughing the other day because Matthew can perfectly work the iPad to play his handwriting games (and yes - that is as exciting as we along it to get . . . handwriting games) HA! On a side note-when the weather gets good can we hang out more? Like lock the kids outside and talk until the wee hours of the morning?? That was so fun. And yes - we'll let the kids in before the WEE hours - probably. HUGS!

  5. ooooh my goodness you have a blog and I had NO IDEA!! OOOOF COURSE I will leave comments -And now you are on my list to follow :)We are currently trying to rack our brain for sayings that children today wouldn't understand...KC says they wouldn't get "sit Indian style" because it has been banned from schools as being offensive...dare I say I am too young to know any??? BAHA juuuust kidding

  6. Thanks for the comments, Friends! And yes, I do believe that "Indian style" has now been forever changed to "Criss Cross Applesauce" in our politically correct world:)