Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday...on Thursday:)

Let's see where was I...

Oh yes, # 31...and this one is HUGE!

31. Parents/Family that are there for us NO MATTER WHAT

32. Coming to the realization that NO ONE has it ALL together

33. A little bit of sunshine after a whole week full of rain and clouds

34. Waking up to quiet, whispering children's voices:)

35. A roly poly 19 month old walking/bouncing (and falling) on the trampoline

36. Seeing "the wheels turning" as a child works to figure something out

37. Getting "freebies" in the mail

38. Multitudes of soaps: dish soap, laundry soap, shampoo, hand (foam) soap, bar soap, body wash (cleaning everything but our souls:)

39. The musical howling of the wind through a barely open window

40. Reliable transportation

41. An " I love you, Momma" shouted from the kitchen

42. Silas wearing a too-big jersey with jeans

43. Swiftly moving grey clouds full to bursting with rain, ready any moment to let loose

44. A praise song stuck in my head--helping me stay in an attitude of joyful praise ALL DAY

45. Having acquired the ability to do just about any task one-handed (with a baby on the hip)

May you be blessed by noticing (and giving thanks for) God's abundant blessings that surround you today!

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