Monday, April 9, 2012

God Bless Our Mess

Something I never thought I would say...

"Why is there bologna in the frisbee?"

May God bless us in our mess today and may we open our eyes to the gifts that surround us, no matter what we find in our frisbees--
or our laundry hampers (see below:)  I love God's sense of humor!

My 1000 Gifts list continues...

186.  Buying veggie plants at our favorite greenhouse

187.  My husband getting the garden planted before more rain

188.  Planting sunflower seeds with my girls--that never actually grew:(

189.  The technology that allows us to share special photos with family and friends

190.  Having breakfast ready before I even go to bed:)

191.  Petals of irises blowing in a light breeze

192.  A sweet message from my husband

193.  Surprise crayon creations

194.  Tornado warnings

195.  Morning glory sprouts growing from seeds near our mailbox

196.  A little boy's calm, peaceful birthday party

197.  New shirts that were much needed

198.  Ceiling fans moving inside air on a hot day

199.  Dahlia blooms on the verge of opening any day

200.  An example of patience

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