Monday, May 16, 2011

Pour some sugar on me...

Note to self:

Never let husband go to a dessert auction alone.

Praise the Lord that I was there to "advise" him at the fundraiser dessert auction at church. He had his eye on the peanut butter pies, not to mention several other desserts. And let me tell you, there was some fierce bidding going on between the young husbands in the group. There were some seriously hungry men in need of desserts, my husband being one of them apparently. I "encouraged" him to stop bidding on several of the items. But I can only do so much...before I knew it his stomach took control and Bam! we end up with a fudgy chocolate cream pie. I'm not even gonna tell you how much we paid for this scrumptious dessert--I'll just say, I've savored every bite. I gotta hand it to him though, he knows how to pick 'em. I'm not usually a pie lover, but I must say, it's the most delicious pie I've ever tasted. I would have posted a picture but there is nothing left to photograph. He bought it yesterday, and there is not a morsel left in the pie tin tonight.

Lessons learned:
1. ALWAYS accompany husband to a dessert auction
2. Make sure he ends up buying something I won't help him devour in a mere 24 hours:)

And yes, I think I WILL make it a goal of mine to see just how many 80's and 90's songs I can incorporate into my blog titles:) That's just the kinda gal I am:)

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