Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Fresh freebie for you!

Hello my lovely readers,

We don't have central air conditioning...I know, a travesty.
Hot summer days often call for cool evening suppers at the Shoe house and salad can frequently be found on our summer menu.

So how excited was I when I got an email from Vocalpoint letting me know that I was able to receive a FREE bag of Fresh Express bagged salad...let's just say (with a big cheerleader smile) SUPER excited! You know I love freebies.

And what's even better is the fact that Vocalpoint has given me the opportunity to share a link with you, so you can try Fresh Express bagged salad, too! If you are (or become) a Vocalpoint member you can receive a free sample of the salad yourself and let them know what you think. Just click on this link vocalpoint.com/FreshSavings and enjoy a free bag of salad on me (well, not really, thank Vocalpoint:)

Blessings! Maybe I should write this down on my 1000 gifts list (he he!)

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