Saturday, July 2, 2011


Yes, I know, not an 80's or 90's song...but an oldie none the less:)
Yesterday was supposed to be Freebie Friday, but alas, we had "drive by fireworks" on the schedule last night, so here I am plinking out my post during Saturday nap time. Anyhoo...

Another SUPER fun way the Shoe Seven gets free stuff is through a site called House Party.

The Shoe Seven is a social bunch and we love a good party. But most of the time, it's chaos here and not the best environment for impromptu entertaining. Often we need a little motivation to get our place all cleaned up and throw a shindig and this site provides that and more. Basically, the idea is that companies use this as a marketing tool to promote and create excitement about their product. By way of survey, they choose lots of people to host parties (which take place all across the country, all on the same day) featuring their product. (Now keep in mind, I've done like 20 surveys online for parties I'm interested in hosting but we've only been chosen for two.) We were chosen as hosts for a Velvetta Game Day (Super bowl) party and a Ziploc DIY Home Organization party.

Just to give you an example of what kind of fun freebies you (and your friends) can get if you are chosen as a host...

Our FREE Velvetta party pack included:

1 32 oz. package of VELVEETA
16 VELVEETA Loaf Savers for your and your guests
1 can of RO*TEL Diced Tomatoes and Green Chilies
1 Dip Bowl
16 Snack Clips for you and your guests
25 Super-Cool disposable cups from Etch It® (everyone can personalize his or her own!)
KOOL-AID Powdered Beverage
16 Recipe cards with coupon for you and your guests

Now granted, you have to actually host a party and there is some cost that goes along with that but if your friends are cool with "bring a dish" type parties...just keep it simple, host a casual get-together, and pass out some free stuff from your party pack:)

To get signed up to possibly host parties or for more info, go to

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