Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Will Survive (Part 2)

Okay, are you ready for this?

I have a 3 year old with a fever, a 6 year old with impetigo, and a husband walking around outside in the fresh air because he is on the verge of throwing up (thanks to the stomach flu)...

Oh, and did I mention it's Vacation Bible School week at out church? And a certain member of the Shoe Seven just happens to be the music leader...that's guessed it, ME!

It's one of those times when I go a little nutty, wanting to clear out every inch of clutter, in hopes that I'll be able to clean more easily and more often. Yeah, I know, nutty. Cause clearly we don't have a lot of extra time or energy this week, what with VBS each night and all.

Anyway, not complaining, just saying...I WILL SURVIVE:) Praying my way through, AGAIN:)

And in an effort to keep my perspective in the right place, I thought I'd focus on some of my 1000 gifts list.
Sending up a little gratitude is the best way to keep a positive attitude:)
Here goes...

66. A quiet morning-soft music, birds chirping, children quietly busy with calm activities

67. Time to think

68. Budding apple trees

69. Our "little princess" carefully painting her fingernails

70. The joys of new words spoken with excitement at the moment of understanding

71. A warm bowl of cinnamon oatmeal on a cold morning

72. Long eyelashes on a big-eyed boy

73. The potential of a lilac bush transplant

74. Hosting the children's friends

75. A father teaching and a son learning the fundamentals of baseball

76. Reading through the whole Bible for the very first time

77. An extremely thoughtful Christmas gift from my husband

78. Being blessed with so much that we are able to share with others

79. A husband that prays for me

80. Our "story"

Thanks so much for stopping in to check up on this simple life we live. I hope to share more freebie info, as soon as we make it through this little bump in the road:) May focusing on God's blessings give you hope and strength today!

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